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How To Find the Administrator Password in Windows XP


The administrator password in Windows XP is the password used to access the "Administrator" account.

This account usually doesn't show up on the logon screen and most people don't know it exists. Usually that's okay because you won't need to use your computer under this account very often.

However, there are a few times when you will need this password. When you're accessing the Windows XP Recovery Console or you're trying to boot into Windows XP Safe Mode, you'll need this password before you can continue.

Follow the steps below to quickly find the Windows XP Administrator password on your computer:

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Figuring out the Administrator password may take a few minutes to hours depending on the situation

Here's How:

  1. Try leaving the password blank. Just press Enter without typing anything when asked for it.

    The password to the Windows XP Administrator account is defined during the initial Windows XP installation process and it's often simply left blank.

  2. Enter the password to your account. Often times, depending on how Windows XP was setup on your computer and what part of XP is asking for an admin password, the primary user account will also be configured with administrator access.

  3. Try to remember your administrator password. If you installed Windows XP on your computer yourself, you probably set the administrator password during the Windows XP installation process. If that's true, you might be able to make really good guesses at what the password might be.

  4. Have another user enter his or her password. If there are other users that have accounts on your Windows XP computer, one of them may be setup with administrator access.

  5. Recover the administrator password using a Windows password recovery tool. These tools are software programs designed to discover or reset/delete Windows passwords.

    Note: Some password recovery tools is the list I linked to above also have the ability to transform regular user passwords into administrator passwords. This could be valuable if you know your account's password but it's not an administrator account.

  6. Perform a clean installation of Windows XP. This is a last resort option. This type of installation will completely remove Windows XP from your PC and install it again from scratch.

    If you're just curious about the password to your Administrator account then obviously don't go to this extreme. However, if you're needing the Administrator password to access diagnostic tools and this is your last effort to save your PC, performing a clean install will work.


  1. Looking for your administrator password but aren't using Windows XP? See How to Find Windows Administrator Passwords for instructions tailored for other Windows operating systems.

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