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What to Do When Your Computer Won't Start

Photo of an angry man with a broken computer

One of the worst feelings first thing in the morning is to find that your computer won't start. Here's what to do.

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How To View a Device's Status in Device Manager in Windows 8

Here's how to view a device's status in Device Manager in Windows 8. Checking a device's status is a good first step when hardware isn't working.

How To Burn an ISO File to a USB Drive

Getting an ISO file onto a USB drive isn't as easy as copying the file. Here's a complete tutorial on how to burn an ISO to USB, like a flash drive.

GSmartControl v0.8.7

GSmartControl is an advanced but easy to use hard drive testing tool with support for a variety of popular operating systems. Here's my full review.

DiskCheckup v3.3

DiskCheckup is an excellent hard drive testing tool with some interesting monitoring features as well. Here's my full review of this free program.

HDDScan v3.3

HDDScan is an easy to use, portable hard drive testing tool that works from within Windows and supports most types of drives. Here's my full review.

Patch Tuesday July 2014

Details on the updates included in the Patch Tuesday July 2014 release by Microsoft (July 8, 2014), plus what to do when they cause problems.

Moo0 File Shredder v1.21

Moo0 File Shredder is a free file wipe program that's super easy to use and has some handy features I don't always see. Here's my full review.

Free File Shredder v5.5.2

Free File Shredder is just that. It's easy to use but also has some advanced options that other data wiping programs don't. Here's my review.

BitKiller v1.3

BitKiller is a simple-to-use data wipe tool with support for data scrubbing at all levels, from file, to folder, to whole drive. Here's my review.

Hard Disk Scrubber v3.4

Hard Disk Scrubber is a free file shredder program with support for custom data wipe methods, free space scrubbing, and more. Here's my full review.

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