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How To Perform a Startup Repair in Windows 7


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Click Finish to Restart to Windows 7
Windows 7 Startup Repair - Click Finish to Restart to Windows 7

Windows 7 Startup Repair - Step 10

Click the Finish button once you see the Restart your computer to complete the repairs window to restart your PC and start Windows 7 normally.

Important: It's possible that Startup Repair didn't fix whatever problem you were having. If the Startup Repair tool determines this itself, it may automatically run again after your computer restarts. If it does not automatically run but you're still seeing problems with Windows 7, repeat these steps to run Startup Repair again manually.

Also, be sure to read the Important Note on Step 8.

If it becomes apparent that Startup Repair is not going to solve your Windows 7 problem, you do have some additional recovery options including a System Restore or a System Image Recovery, assuming you have previously backed up your entire computer.

You could also try a Parallel Install of Windows 7 or a Clean Install of Windows 7.

However, if you've tried a Startup Repair of Windows 7 as part of another troubleshooting guide, you're probably best served by continuing with whatever specific advice that guide is giving as your next step.

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