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Hardware Tools

Lists, tutorials, and reviews of hardware testing devices and procedures.
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How To Test Your Hard Drive for Problems
You can test your hard drive for problems using free software or a paid program.

Free Hard Drive Testing Programs
A list of freely available programs you can use to test your hard drive for problems.

Commercial (Paid) Hard Drive Testing Programs

Here's a list of commercial programs you can use to test your hard drive for problems.

How To Test the Power Supply in Your Computer
You can test a power supply with a "power supply tester" or you can do it manually. Either method is OK and I have complete tutorials on both.

How To Manually Test a Power Supply With a Multimeter
One way to test a power supply is with a multimeter. It's not easy, but it's very doable when you follow this helpful guide to the letter.

How To Test a Power Supply Using a Power Supply Tester
Testing a PSU with a power supply tester is an easy, and completely safe, way to check to see if a power supply is working or not.

How To Test for Power Using "The Lamp Test"
A tutorial on performing a "lamp test," an easy way to verify that power to an outlet is good.

NewerTech NWTU2NVSPATA Review
My review of the NewerTech NWTU2NVSPATA UPS USB 2.0 universal drive adapter, a device you can use to connect a hard drive to another computer, which can be very handy when solving many kinds of major computer problems.

Comparison of Free Windows Password Recovery and Reset Software
A Windows password recovery software program comparison table.

Free Password Crackers
A list of password cracker programs that will recover or remove various kinds of passwords for free.

Cain & Abel Review
My review of Cain & Abel, a password recovery software program for Windows passwords.

CPU Meter Gadget Review
My review of CPU Meter, a gadget included with Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor Review
My review of Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, a password removal/reset tool for Windows passwords.

MemTest86 Review
My review of MemTest86, a free memory testing (RAM test) software program.

PC Login Now Review
My review of PC Login Now, a password removal/reset tool for Windows passwords.

Speedtest.net Review
My review of Speedtest.net, a website to test your Internet connection speed.

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