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Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)


Definition: Abbreviated SCSI, it is a type of connection for storage and other devices in a PC. Generally, it refers to the types of cables and ports used to connect certain types of hard drives, optical drives, scanners, and other devices to a computer.

SCSI interfaces can be used internally to connect these types of hardware devices directly to a motherboard or storage controller card. External connections are also common for SCSI and typically connect via an external port on a storage controller card.

The SCSI standard is not very common among consumer hardware devices. The IDE standard (PATA and SATA) is by far the leading storage interface standard in PCs today.

The USB and FireWire standards are much more popular than SCSI for connecting external devices to computers.

Thunderbolt is a potential replacement for SCSI.

Also Known As: SCSI
"I used to have an external scanner that used the SCSI interface. My new computer didn't have an ISA port so I had to purchase a new PCI SCSI interface."

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