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Patch Tuesday



Definition: Patch Tuesday is the name given to the day each month that Microsoft releases security and other patches for their operating systems and other software. Patch Tuesday is always the second Tuesday of each month.

The most recent Patch Tuesday was on July 8, 2014, which you can read more about here: Patch Tuesday: July 2014. The next Patch Tuesday is scheduled for August 12, 2014.

Note: Most Windows users will experience more of a Patch Wednesday because they're prompted to install, or notice the installation of, the updates downloaded via Windows Update on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Some half-jokingly refer to the day after Patch Tuesday as Crash Wednesday, referring to the troubles that sometimes accompany a computer after the patches are installed.

Security related patches that are released on days other than Patch Tuesday are referred to as out-of-band security updates.

More About Patch Tuesday

I also have several troubleshooting guides and other help and information about Patch Tuesday here on my site:

Examples: "On one Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released fixes for over 30 security issues!"

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