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Definition: A partition can be thought of as a division or "part" of a real hard disk drive. When you partition a hard drive, you make it available to an operating system. Multiple partitions on a singe hard drive appear as separate drives to the operating system.

For example, when you install an operating system like Windows 7, part of the process is to define a partition on the hard drive. This partition serves to define an area of the hard drive that Windows 7 can use to install all of its files. In Windows operating systems, this primary partition is usually assigned the drive letter of "C".

How To Partition a Hard Drive in Windows

Partitions of physical hard drives must be formatted and a file system must be setup (which is a process of the format).

Also Known As: disk partition, drive
"When I reinstalled Windows XP, I had to remove the existing partition and then create a new one for Windows to install on."
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