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Resources and supporting information for much of the content on my PC Support site here on About.com
  1. ATX Power Supply Pinout Tables (7)
  2. BIOS Access Keys (3)
  3. Default Passwords (395)
  4. Error Codes (6)

Help Me!
Information about Help Me! - my daily Google+ post where I answer your questions.

Get More Help
Here's how to connect with me to get more assistance after working through a problem on my site.

List of System Error Codes
A complete list of system error codes, from Code 1 to Code 15299.

List of STOP Error Codes
A complete list of STOP error codes, from STOP Code 0x1 to STOP Code 0xC0000221.

List of Device Manager Error Codes
A complete list of Device Manager error codes.

List of ATX Power Supply Pinout Tables
A list of pinout tables for the various power connectors found in a standard ATX power supply.

List of Control Panel Applets in Windows
Descriptions of each Control Panel applet you'll find in Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

List of Command Line Commands for Control Panel Applets
Control Panel command line commands in Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

List of Public DNS Servers
List of free and public DNS servers.

List of Device Class GUIDs for Popular Types of Hardware
A list of GUIDs for common types of hardware.

List of Recovery Console Commands
Complete and detailed list of Recovery Console commands

List of Windows 7 Drivers
Updated list of Windows 7 driver download sources.

Computer Repair Safety Tips
Several tips to help you stay safe when working inside your computer.

DLL File Locations in the DirectX Redistributable Download
A table of DirectX DLL files located within specific CAB files, all of which are part of the DirectX End-User Runtimes redistributable download from Microsoft.

Power Supply Voltage Tolerances
Power supply voltage tolerances for the various voltages output by a computer power supply.

Latest Microsoft Windows Service Packs
Manual download links to the latest Microsoft Windows service packs.

Latest Microsoft Office Service Packs
Manual download links to the latest Microsoft Office service packs.

Website Contact Information
Is your favorite website down? Here's contact information for the most popular websites in the world.

Staples Free Computer & Technology Recycling
Staples stores offers free recycling for your technology! Don't throw your computer, tablet, or other tech in the trash, recycle it for free. It's easy.

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