1. Technology

Cleaning & Cooling

Tutorials on cleaning various computer parts, as well as options for computer cooling.

How To Clean a Keyboard
PC World has an excellent tutorial on how to clean your computer keyboard, complete with images.

How To Clean a Mouse
A complete picture tutorial walkthrough on cleaning a computer mouse that has a wheel.

How To Clean Your Printer's Printheads
Steps on cleaning the printheads in your printer to maintain the best possible image quality. [From Peter Piazza, the About.com Guide to Printers & Scanners]

How To Clean the Inside of Your PC
This tutorial from Bleeping Computer provides an excellent, and very detailed, walkthrough on how to clean the various parts inside the computer case.

How To Clean A Flat Screen Monitor or TV
How to safely clean a flat screen (LCD, LED, plasma, etc.) monitor or television to prevent damage.

How To Keep Your PC Cool
A list of several ways - some simple, others not - to keep your computer from overheating, such as moving the computer and ensuring the case is closed.

How To Clean a Scanner
A tutorial on cleaning the glass and glossy document cover on a scanner or multifunction printer. [From Peter Piazza, the About.com Guide to Printers & Scanners]

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