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Online Support Services

Some companies offer live, online support services to help fix your computer problems. This usually works by prepaying for an amount of time that a technician will help you with your issue. Sometimes this includes simple chatting but often the technician will connect to your PC remotely and fix the problem right before your eyes! Below are some of the companies that specialize in this service.

Tech Support Heroes
Tech Support Heroes is a perfect example of an online support service. You get a free diagnosis and a fixed price for the repair, everything is done remotely, and you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Support.com is an online support service that can access your computer remotely to perform all kinds of tasks like tuning up your system, removing viruses, or even help resolve complicated system problems.

PlumChoice Online PC Services
PlumChoice Online PC Services is a very popular online support service. Like other services, you give PlumChoice permission to access your computer remotely to help with all kinds of problems. PlumChoice also offers a subscription service that includes some great software along with unlimited online computer support!

Live Tech Online
Live Tech Online is another example of a live support service company. You can give them a free call for an estimate and then you prepay for a specified amount of support time. You can chat with technicians and even give them permission to access your PC remotely so they can solve your problem for you!

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