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Raxco PerfectDisk 8

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Raxco PerfectDisk 8

Raxco PerfectDisk 8

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The Bottom Line

UPDATE: See my review of Raxco's newest PerfectDisk version, PerfectDisk 10.

Raxco PerfectDisk 8 is a must buy. The defragmentation software included with Windows XP and Windows Vista can not solve fragmentation issues nowhere nearly as well as PerfectDisk 8 can. PerfectDisk 8 is fast, thorough, easy to use and extremely effective.

If you suspect that your slow system is due to fragmentation issues (which is almost always at least partly the case) or if repeated use of other defragmentation programs aren't effective, give Raxco PerectDisk 8 a try. It's an inexpensive investment in your computer and it works.


  • Extremely thorough defragmentation engine
  • Complete defragmentation in a single run instead of multiple passes
  • Defragments the page file and other system files
  • Fast defragmenting all while using a minimum of system resources
  • Easy scheduling of automatic system defrags


  • Number of features might intimidate first time defragmenters


  • PerfectDisk 8 is Microsoft certified meaning that the defragmentation process is safe for your files and folders.
  • "Command Center" application gives enterprise users a central point of management for defragmentation.
  • PerfectDisk 8 uses Resource Saver technology to speed up defragmentation while using fewer resources than other programs.
  • Complete file defragmentation in PerfectDisk 8 is performed in a single pass unlike other defragmentation programs.
  • If it's time for a defrag, PerfectDisk 8 can be programmed to perform it while idle when the screen saver is running.
  • While some defragmentation software requires 20% free disk space to run, PerfectDisk 8 only requires 5%.
  • Get detailed statistics on the fragmentation status of all of your files on all of your hard drives.
  • Unlike many competing programs, PerfectDisk 8 defragments directories, the page file and the hibernate file.
  • PerfectDisk 8 runs on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Guide Review - Raxco PerfectDisk 8

Almost every single review of PerfectDisk 8 (and previous versions) you might find on the Internet is overwhelmingly positive. Users find that it's fast, easy to use and extremely effective. My experience has been no different.

PerfectDisk 8 has an intuitive, uncluttered interface that even novices should pick up on fast. Three vertical panes open as the default view. The left-hand pane contains a simple graphical menu enabling you to quickly analyze a drive, defragment an entire drive or a single file, or schedule an offline defragmentation of system files. The center pane contains a listing of your hard drives along with a graphical representation of the fragmentation status for the chosen drive. The right-hand pane contains easy, plain English help for every option available.

I have to say, defragmentation with PerfectDisk 8 is fast. It's much faster than many other defragmentation software packages I've tried. It doesn't hold my system hostage using nearly 100% of my CPU and all of my available RAM like other programs sometimes do. This, in and of itself, is a comparatively amazing feat in my opinion.

So does PerfectDisk 8 actually work? While I didn't use a benchmarking tool to test my PC's performance before and after defragmentation, I didn't really need to because the results were more than apparent. The PC I tested PerfectDisk 8 on booted nearly as fast as the last time I installed a fresh copy of Windows XP on the system! I would estimate that my start up time was cut in half. I also noticed that applications I used opened faster but the improvement was not as noticeable as it was with start up time.

While your particular system may not benefit as much as mine did, PerfectDisk 8 will certainly help. I highly recommend Raxco PerfectDisk 8!

User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Great Program But Customer Support Policy Lacking, Guest Rick Hillier

I purchased version 9 of this program and upgraded to version 10 when it was released. I will hand it to Raxco, PerfectDisk 10 is a fantastic program, but I feel that I have been burned by their customer support policy. I recently had to reformat my computer because of a crash that left everything unusable and as a result, I lost the email that contained the registration key that I had purchased. I contacted the company requesting a re-issue of that key. This might take a tech support person 60 seconds to do at best if their registration system is any good. I was simply informed that they could not help me unless I took out a support contract (only $8, but this is a matter of principle - read on). I can understand the need for this if one needs product support or wants continuous upgrades, but I did not feel that I needed that. Any company that would have a policy in place that would hold hostage a customer's ability to use their program unless they pay what I feel is a small ""extortion"" fee to a get their key back (which they paid for) has little regard for its customers. I could understand charging for this if I had made many similar requests, but this was my first time contacting them since the purchase of the product 8 months ago. Now they have my money and I have nothing. Again, their product is good, but I would never recommend it because of their lack of customer service.

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