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Readers Respond: How Fast Is Your Internet?

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From the article: Internet Speed Test Sites

Internet speed tests are fun, and even useful, but they're so much better when you can brag about your awesome one or cry about your sad one!

Let the world know how amazing (or pathetic) your connection to the Internet is by leaving the results of your speed test below.

Please let me know what Internet speed test you used, what ISP you have, and what download and upload speed was recorded... preferably in Mbps but I don't care as long as you specify!

Share Your Internet Speed

download/upload speed test on 02/06/2012

download:2.22mbps upload: 0.50mbps God knows if it is better than some but after taking the face plate off the wall after instructions from the engineer,the speed seems to have improved somewhat!
—Guest derek donaldson

uk speed

getting 75.1Mbs download, 17.5Mbs upload. Pretty happy with these speeds.
—Guest foxyg

Road Runner

Download=11.51 mbps Upload=.97 mbps Grade C Faster than 52% of America Is this bad or good?
—Guest Steve Fisher

Qwest CenturyLink speeds Littleton, CO

Download Speed: advertised: 2Mbps actual: 1.08Mbps Upload Speed actual: 0.72Mbps

albuquerque CC

Ping 10 ms DL: 14.94 (peak 22.49) US: 4.48 (peak 4.50) Comcast/xfinity 3/27/12 Ping: 8 download: 15.41 (peak 25.00) Upload: 6.97 (peak 6.98)
—Guest abqgram

Knology speed (Columbus, GA)

DL speed 15.58 Mbps, UL speed 2.10 Mbps. Not the fastest, not the slowest.

No Complaints

46Mbps Down / 31Mbps Upload.... Gotta love Verizon Fios.....
—Guest Chris M

Charter Rocks.

Got 100Mbps+ last night. http://www.speedtest.net/result/1689500068.png
—Guest solo

Now That's Slow

Download: 444kb/s, Upload: 234kb/s, Ping: 103 ms. Took it at adslspeed.com. Now that's slow....
—Guest Ariston

Internet Speed w/ AT&T

My download speed is 0.65 Mbps with an upload speed is 0.32 Mbps. I got a grade of F it is slower than 89% of US. It is SBC Internet Services. I pay AT&T $29.95 a month for Internet service. http://www.speedtest.net/result/1401479678.png
—Guest B Beaty

Speedtest.net (Panabo City, Philippines)

0.34 Mbps down, 0.31 Mbps up. http://www.speedtest.net/result/1400497502.png
—Guest lito bahian

TELUS High Speed Extreme Service (DSL)

Download is 5.79 Mbps, and upload is .78 Mbps. I am not happy with them and plan to switch to cable. I pay $39.95.
—Guest randd

Telstra Pathetic

Pathetic speeds with Telstra clear - download .26 Mbps, upload .11 Mbps
—Guest liberte


431. Pitiful!! I am switching from WildBlue to anything else in October.
—Guest Sylvee

Comcast is "OK"

Download is 11.43 Mbps and upload is 4.41 Mbps. I pay for 20 Mbps down so it's not perfect. I used Speedtest.net

Share Your Internet Speed

How Fast Is Your Internet?

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