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Readers Respond: How Fast Is Your Internet?

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From the article: Internet Speed Test Sites

Internet speed tests are fun, and even useful, but they're so much better when you can brag about your awesome one or cry about your sad one!

Let the world know how amazing (or pathetic) your connection to the Internet is by leaving the results of your speed test below.

Please let me know what Internet speed test you used, what ISP you have, and what download and upload speed was recorded... preferably in Mbps but I don't care as long as you specify!

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The university of wollongong (australia) server is running at... 320 megs a second
—Guest mustafa

Verizon from 2005

We get a download of about .17mbps and an upload of about .32 usually. But my mom doesn't understand any of it so she won't upgrade. We got it in November of 2005 and haven't upgraded.
—Guest Dan


Speedtest.net PlusNet Download: 14.52 Mbps Upload: 0.33 Mbps Constantly getting "Request timeout" on Firefox atm - driving me crazy!!
—Guest LondonLass


Wireless Ping=15ms Down = 8.37mbps Upload = 8.47mbps LAN Ping = 4 Down = 27.98 Mbps Upload = 9.46 Mbps
—Guest Hira TUA

speed of my internet connection

The download speed : .99 and the upload speed : .57
—Guest Dejenie

Time Warner is... Awesome?

I get 56 down, 5.7 up, ALL THE TIME. For some reason I am the only person with no issues with TWC... xD
—Guest EJ

Speed Test Results

I'm getting an average of 5.5 mbs download and 800k upload speed on Att's DSL network. I used a html tool called SpeedTestResults.com

Speed test

BT adsl broadband in rural Scotland has never been good

Verizon DSL intentionally slow

Download is .13 Mbps and upload is .72 and I personally think Verizon is intentionally slowing down their DSL speed in an attempt to force people to switch to FIOS. I haven't had cable for more than 20 years, but I would switch to Comcast before FIOS simply because of Verizon's underhanded tactics.
—Guest Sheila


1.08 MBPS and upload 0.08MBPS I have the worst internet it is so slow
—Guest jabba

Verizon FIOS

58.42/40.17 which is actually faster than I expected.
—Guest SES

Totally pathetic.

1.04 Mbps Download, 0.16 Mbps Upload. Okay i'm sad.
—Guest Daniela

HD NZ Auckland

PING 4ms download 28.26Mbps upload 9.86Mbps i have tried different browsers and opera is slightly the fastest i used Ookla broardband test
—Guest hiratnz


Test run on 20/02/2014 @ 12:30 PM Mirror: Optus Data: 512 KB Test Time: 10.05 secs Your line speed is 417 kbps (0.42 Mbps). Your download speed is 52 KB/s (0.05 MB/ Telstra Australia.. always giving you the best.
—Guest pauly

Great list of sources, but I have a ?

I'm getting DLS of 8mbps which is feasible considering the placement of routers and housing, but the gauge is showing the needle jump up and stay at speeds of 24mbps+ I don't get it. It's only happening while pinging one of the servers, but one I'm used to. My advice is run test from multiple websites, even if they are all powered by Ookla, more or less. From what I've been able to gather though is: -ISP:Comcast, Denver, CO -Wireless, through a repeater (Asus RT-N12): *IPv4 (IPv6 only through the gateway) Ping: 13 ms DLS: 17.68Mbps (Peak: 20.98) ULS: 5.66Mbps (Peak: 6.21) -Wireless, through the Comcast Gateway (ARRIS TG862): *IPv4 Ping: 13ms DLS: 28.76Mbps (Peak: 28.92) ULS: 5.88Mbps (Peak: 6.35) *IPv6 Ping: 17ms DLS: 8.75Mbps (Peak: 27.61)
—Guest Flip. Y

Share Your Internet Speed

How Fast Is Your Internet?

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