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Readers Respond: Where Do You Get Your Computer Repaired in Fayetteville, AR?

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Which Fayetteville, Arkansas, computer repair service do you choose when your PC needs repaired? What makes that particular Fayetteville computer repair shop the best place to send other About.com readers?

Did the technicians seem knowledgeable? Did this computer repair service fix the computer problem you paid them to fix? Overall, do you think this Fayetteville, AR, computer repair service was a value?

Share your recommendation for the best Fayetteville, AR, computer repair company. Please name the company and why you think they deserve business from my readers.

Where Do You Recommend?

John Heavner

I used John Heavner when I got a virus. www.arcomputerguy.com
—Guest Deanna

Kmotiv Computer Repair

These guys are fast, affordable, and did a fantastic job earlier this year when my hard drive crashed. www.kmotiv.com
—Guest Stacy

Fusion Data Services

Fusion is the place to go. They will always do their best to meet your needs and their prices were really reasonable. My computer was amazing when I got it back from them.
—Guest Jesse

Jeremiah @ computerproleason@gmail.com

The best place to get your computer fixed is by a guy named Jeremiah. His email address is computerproleason@gmail.com and his phone number is (620)481-9956. I had him take my laptop apart to fix something internal and he had it back to me the next day. He is very reasonable priced, he fixed it for way less then anyone else I asked. His website is www.computerprosllc.webs.com. Truly a good guy and does great work.
—Guest Travis

Where Do You Recommend?

Where Do You Get Your Computer Repaired in Fayetteville, AR?

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