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Hardware Installation Videos

Professional video demonstrations of desktop PC hardware installations


Step by step directions you can print out and use are wonderful but nothing beats someone actually showing you the process. It's no different when you're replacing PC hardware.

With About.com's help, I've partnered with Don Schechter to demonstrate some of the most popular hardware replacement tasks in free, professional, and easy to follow videos.

It doesn't matter if you're planning a small task like a hard drive addition or something more extensive like a motherboard replacement, Don will show you everything you need to get the job done right (and fast)!

Power Supply

How to Install a Power Supply in a PC
Are you not getting any power to your computer? Did you test your power supply and find out that it's failing? Learn how to install a power supply in a desktop PC with these easy steps.

Hard Drive (Primary / PATA)

How to Install a Hard Drive in a PC
Do you need to replace a bad hard drive? Need some more storage? Learn how to install a PATA hard drive in a desktop PC in just a few simple steps.

Tip: PATA hard drives are often called IDE hard drives.

Hard Drive (Secondary / PATA)

How to Install a Second Hard Drive in a PC
Need an additional hard drive to store all that music and video? Learn how to install a second PATA hard drive in your desktop PC.

Tip: PATA hard drives are often called IDE hard drives.

PCI Card

How to Install a PCI Card in a PC
Watch Don install a new PCI card in a computer so you can feel comfortable adding a USB card, network card, or other expansion card in your PC.

Central Processing Unit

How to Install a CPU in a PC
The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is essentially the "brain" of your computer. Watch and learn how to install a CPU.


How to Install a Motherboard in a PC
The motherboard connects everything in your computer together. When it fails, your computer is useless. Replacing a motherboard can seem like an impossible task but this video will walk you through every step of the way.

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