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43 Free Data Destruction Software Programs

Completely Free Disk Wipe and Hard Drive Eraser Software Utilities


21. Hard Drive Eraser

Hard Drive Eraser - Data Destruction Software

Hard Drive Eraser is a portable program that can wipe all the data off of a secondary hard drive.

Data Sanitization Methods: AR 380-19, DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, Write Zero

The program is very easy to use. Just choose the drive, select one of the methods from above, and choose the file system that the drive should end up being.

Hard Drive Eraser is said to work with Windows Vista and XP, but I tested it in Windows 8 and didn't find any problems.

Download Hard Drive Eraser for Free

22. Super File Shredder

Super File Shredder - Data Destruction Software

Super File Shredder is an easy to use data destruction program that supports drag and drop to quickly delete entire hard drives.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, Random Data, Write Zero

Just start by choosing a sanitization method from the settings, and then add the entire hard drive to the queue or drag and drop it from Windows Explorer. Like many of these data destruction programs later in this list, Super File Shredder can only wipe drives other than the one you're using.

Super File Shredder works with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Download Super File Shredder for Free

23. TweakNow SecureDelete

TweakNow SecureDelete - Data Destruction Software

TweakNow SecureDelete has a nice, clean interface with simple buttons. It’s really easy to wipe clean entire hard drives with this program.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, Random Data

Like many similar programs from this list, TweakNow SecureDelete lets you drag and drop an entire drive into the program to remove all of its files and folders.

Important: One thing that can be confusing about TweakNow SecureDelete is that there are two buttons with similar names: "Remove" and "Delete." The "Remove" button simply clears the hard drive from the application window without deleting the actual data. The "Delete" button does the actual deleting, and should be clicked when you’re ready to destroy the data.

TweakNow SecureDelete is said to work with Windows 7, Vista, and XP. I tested it in Windows 8 without any issues.

TweakNow SecureDelete Review & Free Download

24. MiniTool Drive Wipe

MiniTool Drive Wipe - Data Destruction Software

MiniTool Drive Wipe is a small, simple program that runs from inside Windows like a regular program.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-MWrite Zero

MiniTool Drive Wipe is easy to use. Just select whether you want to wipe a partition or whole disk and then choose a sanitization method. There aren't any unnecessary tools or settings that can be confusing.

Download MiniTool Drive Wipe for Free

25. XT File Shredder Lizard

XT File Shredder Lizard - Data Destruction Software

XT File Shredder Lizard is another data destruction program that works in all the newer versions of Windows, like Windows 7 and 8.

To wipe a whole hard drive of its data, simply choose to add a folder and then select the root of the drive you wish to securely erase.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-M, Random Data, Write Zero

The program is a bit outdated, and therefore is a little different to move around in.

Download XT File Shredder Lizard for Free

26. Free File Shredder

Free File Shredder - Data Destruction Software

Free File Shredder is a data wiping program that has a few unique options and walks you through a wizard to securely delete files on a hard drive.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, Random Data

This program is very easy to use. Start by choosing Folder and then selecting the root of the drive you wish to delete. Then choose one of the sanitizatoin methods and how many times you want the method to be repeated before stopping.

Because Free File Shredder works from inside the Windows operating system, you can't use it to remove files you're currently using. This means you can't use it to erase the primary drive that has Windows installed.

Free File Shredder Review & Free Download

27. WipeDisk

Screenshot of WipeDisk in Windows XP

WipeDisk is a portable hard drive wiper that's pretty easy to use and supports several data wipe methods. It works by selecting a drive and then choosing a wipe method.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-MGutmannRandom DataWrite Zero

You can log activities to a file, optionally wipe just the free space, and choose custom text to use for overwriting data.

After clicking Wipe, you must read and confirm a four character code to ensure you really want to use WipeDisk to erase all the files, which is a handy obstacle used to avoid accidentally erasing a whole hard drive.

Note: The program for WipeDisk defaults to German but it can be easily changed from the Extras menu.

Download WipeDisk for Free

28. Free EASIS Data Eraser

Screenshot of Free EASIS Data Eraser

Free EASIS Data Eraser is super simple to use. When you first open the program, select any hard drive from the top list and then choose the partitions you wish to wipe data from.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann, Random Data, Schneier, VSITR, Write Zero

Unfortunately, I've found that clicking the Abort button to stop a wipe results in strange behavior. The program shuts down but then appears to still be in progress when it's reopened. It seems you must restart the computer to return Free EASIS Data Eraser to its regular state. 

Though this happens, Free EASIS Data Eraser still destroys all the data on the drive effectively.

Download Free EASIS Data Eraser for Free

29. File Secure Free

File Secure Free - Data Destruction Software

File Secure Free is a software suite with four tools, one being a file shredder that can erase all the files and folders on a hard drive.

Data Sanitization Methods: AR 380-19, Gutmann, Random Data

Something I don't much like is that after adding a hard drive to the file shredder, you must select the individual items you want removed, or choose Select All, and then click Shred. This is an extra step that most other data destruction programs don't require.

File Secure Free is unable to erase a whole hard drive if it's the drive that Windows is being used from. This means you can't use File Secure Free to erase the C drive, though you can use it for securely deleting any other internal or external hard drive.

Note: During setup, File Secure Free tries to install other programs alongside the data destruction tool, but you can click skip or decline to stop them from installing.

Download File Secure Free for Free

30. Puran Wipe Disk

Screenshot of Puran Wipe Disk
© Puran Software

Puran Wipe Disk is a super simple program that can wipe all the files and folders on a drive.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-MSchneierWrite Zero

Both internal and external drives are compatible and you have the option to wipe just the free space or the entire disk. Like other non-bootable, installable programs in this list, you won't be able to use this program to wipe your C drive.

Download Puran Wipe Disk for Free

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