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Step by Step Guide to Burning an ISO File to a Disc


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Visit the Free ISO Burner Website
Free ISO Burner Home Page

Free ISO Burner Home Page

An ISO file is an "image" of what should be on a disc like a CD, DVD, or BD. The ISO file itself is generally useless until it can be written (burned) to a disc.

The disc burning software you already have on your computer may have a "write image" or "burn image" option designed specifically for writing ISO and other types of image files to optical discs.

However, if you have trouble getting your burning software to write ISO files or you would prefer a detailed guide using a freely available ISO burning program, this step-by-step, visual guide will help.

The instructions I've put together here walk you through the entire process of installing and using the Free ISO Burner software to write an ISO file to a disc. Feel free to look through the entire tutorial before you get started.

Free ISO Burner is a freeware program that burns ISO images CD, DVD, or BD discs so the first thing you'll need to do is visit the Free ISO Burner website so you can download the software.

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