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How To Remove Passwords Using PC Login Now


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Visit the PC Login Now Download Page
PC Login Now Download Page

PC Login Now Download Page

PC Login Now is an insanely fast and very easy to use Windows password cracking program. PC Login Now works a bit differently than other popular free password hacking programs like the Ophcrack tool. While Ophcrack actually discovers your password, PC Login Now simply deletes it... instantaneously! It's more of a password reset program than a password recovery program.

For a quick overview, see my complete review of PC Login Now.

PC Login Now is a program that deletes passwords so the first thing you'll need to do is visit the PC Login Now website. When the website loads as shown above, click the big Download button.

Note: Since you obviously can't access your PC right now because you don't know the password, these first five steps will need to be completed on another computer that you have access to. This "other" computer will need to have access to the Internet and the ability to burn a disc - a CD, DVD, or BD will do, whatever you have on hand.

Another Note: I highly recommend that you take a look at this entire step-by-step tutorial to PC Login Now before you get started so you know what you'll need to do.

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