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How To Recover Passwords Using Ophcrack LiveCD


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Download the Ophcrack LiveCD ISO File
Ophcrack LiveCD Download Process (IE)

Ophcrack LiveCD Download Process (IE)

On the next webpage (not shown), Ophcrack LiveCD should begin downloading automatically. The download is in the form of a single ISO file.

If prompted, choose to Download File or Save to Disk - however your browser phrases it. Save the file to your Desktop or another location that's easy to locate. Do not choose to Open the File.

The size of the Ophcrack LiveCD software you're downloading is fairly large. The Windows 7 / Windows Vista version is 506 MB and the Windows XP version is 425 MB.

Depending on your current Internet bandwidth, the Ophcrack LiveCD download could take as little as several minutes or as long as several hours to download.

Note: The screenshot above shows the download process for the Windows 7/Vista version of Ophcrack LiveCD when downloading using the Internet Explorer browser in Windows 7. If you're downloading another LiveCD version, like the one for Windows XP, or using another browser, like Firefox or Chrome, your download progress indicator will probably look different.

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