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System Monitor Gadget

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System Monitor Gadget - System Monitor Windows 7 Gadget

System Monitor Gadget

The System Monitor gadget is a fantastic all in one system utility gadget for Windows. System Monitor can track CPU and memory usage, battery level, current IP address, and more.

The best thing about System Monitor is the range of options and monitors available. By default, System Monitor will watch your primary CPU core, available RAM, and the system time. However, you can add several more useful monitors.

If you're looking for a single Windows gadget to track a variety of resources, System Monitor is probably your best bet.

Note: The System Monitor gadget is available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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  • Displays CPU usage for up to 4 cores
  • Ability to add additional monitors
  • Several advanced configuration options
  • Monitor arrangement within the gadget is completely customizable
  • Supports five standard levels of opacity


  • No skin choices
  • Options can be a bit confusing


  • The System Monitor gadget can monitor CPU and RAM usage, current IP address, battery level, and wireless network strength.
  • Placement of monitors on gadget can be customized - a rare feature.
  • System Monitor can also be used to look up IP and DNS information, ping, trace routes, and perform WHOIS searches.
  • Gadget supports full range of opacity levels.
  • Each installed monitor in System Monitor has individual configuration options.
  • Up to 4 CPU cores can be monitored simultaneously.

Guide Review - System Monitor Gadget

I really like System Monitor, mainly because it satisfactorily replaced several other individual Windows gadgets that I used to have. It does a fantastic job of combining several system monitoring functions into a small, functional package.

My favorite thing about System Monitor is its variety of configurations, both in the number and type of monitors you can have displaying at any given time and in the depth of options available for each monitor. It's obvious that the System Monitor gadget was very well thought out.

That which I loved about System Monitor is also a bit of a weakness. There are two options layers - one for the Windows gadget itself and then another layer for each individual monitor. This can be a bit confusing at first but it's not such a problem that you shouldn't use System Monitor.

The System Monitor gadget is available at no cost from Build A Gadget. See How to Install a Windows Gadget if you need help.

System Monitor is an excellent all in one gadget for your Windows 7 desktop or Windows Vista Sidebar. I highly recommend that you give System Monitor a try.

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