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All CPU Meter Gadget

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All CPU Meter Gadget - All CPU Meter Windows 7 Gadget

All CPU Meter Gadget

The Bottom Line

All CPU Meter is a straightforward and well-designed system monitoring gadget for Windows. The All CPU Meter Windows gadget will track CPU usage (up to 24 cores) and also display used, free, and total RAM.

This gadget is fantastic for providing a frequently updated look at your most important system resources. I regularly use the All CPU Meter gadget on my Windows 7 machine when I'm testing an application's load on my computer.

Note: The All CPU Meter gadget works with both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

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  • Shows usage for Dual, Triple, Quad,... up to 24 Core CPUs
  • Version and update notifications
  • Displayed data frequently updated
  • Several excellent background color choices
  • Supports standard opacity levels


  • CPU temperature display requires 3rd party program to be installed and running


  • All CPU Meter displays current load on up to 8 CPU cores.
  • One second updates to RAM and CPU data is more frequent than most other similar gadgets.
  • Optional background colors in the All CPU Meter gadget are bold and should fit with any scheme.
  • Standard five opacity levels are supported.
  • Histogram on the All CPU Meter gadget shows nearly two minutes of CPU history.
  • Options screen shows current gadget version and if any updates are available.

Guide Review - All CPU Meter Gadget

The All CPU Meter is an excellent resource tracking Windows gadget. There a few others from my gadget list that I might choose over this one but overall I like it.

Aside from the massive 24 CPU core support, my favorite feature in All CPU Meter is the quick 1 second resource usage update. Many system monitoring gadgets update at a slower interval - maybe every two seconds or even longer. This gives All CPU Meter more of a "live" feeling than other similar gadgets.

While it might not seem a worthwhile thing to discuss in a quick review, I really appreciated the background color options in All CPU Meter. No boring, overly bright colors here. All of the color options in All CPU Meter are bold and at least one should compliment your desktop theme.

The completely customizable size option in All CPU Meter is also a huge plus.

While you do have to install a 3rd party application to get your CPU core temperatures to display on All CPU Meter, it's worth it. I happen to love the program, Core Temp, and seeing the temperatures right in All CPU Meter is really handy.

All CPU Meter is downloadable for free from AddGadget. See How to Install a Windows Gadget if you need help.

All CPU Meter is a fantastic choice among the many CPU and RAM monitoring gadgets available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Note: This review is based on All CPU Meter V3.6. Please let me know if I need to update this review based on a new release of All CPU Meter.

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