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How To Find the BIOS Version in the Windows Registry

Find Your Motherboard's BIOS Version Without a Restart


Determining the current version of BIOS on your motherboard usually involves restarting your PC and paying really close attention. An easier way is to find the BIOS version from inside the Windows Registry - without a reboot!

Note: No changes are made to any registry keys in these steps. However, if you're afraid that you might accidentally modify something, you can always backup specific registry keys or even backup the entire registry for safe keeping.

Follow the steps below to find the current BIOS version that's running on your motherboard:

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Finding the BIOS version in the Windows Registry usually takes less than 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Click on Start and then Run.

  2. In the text box in the Run window, type regedit and click OK. This will open the Registry Editor program.

    Note: Do not make any changes to any entry anywhere in Registry Editor to avoid causing serious system issues. These steps only direct you to view a registry entry, not to make changes.

  3. Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder under My Computer and click on the (+) sign next the folder name to expand the folder.

  4. In the resulting folders, locate and click on the (+) sign next to HARDWARE to expand this folder.

  5. In the resulting folders, locate and click on the (+) sign next to DESCRIPTION to expand this folder.

  6. In the resulting folders, locate and click on the System folder.

  7. In the results that appear in the window on the right, locate the SystemBiosVersion and SystemBiosDate entries.

  8. The data in the SystemBiosVersion field contains the BIOS version for your motherboard. This field may also contain additional information such as the chipset manufacturer and BIOS manufacturer.

  9. The data in the SystemBiosDate field contains the calendar date associated with the current BIOS version on your motherboard. The BIOS date can be useful in determining the current BIOS version from a motherboard manufacturer's website if the version is not clear in the SystemBiosVersion field.

  10. Close Registry Editor without making any changes.


  1. If you're not comfortable working in the registry there is another option. You can also find the current BIOS version from the Microsoft System Information program. If the registry makes you nervous, this is a great alternative solution to finding the BIOS version running on your motherboard.

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