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System Restore


What is System Restore?

System Restore is a recovery tool in Windows that allows you to reverse certain kinds of changes made to the operating system.

What is System Restore Used For?

System Restore is used to return important Windows files and settings - like drivers, registry keys, system files, installed programs, and more - back to previous versions and settings.

Think of System Restore as an "undo" feature for the most important parts of Microsoft Windows.

How To Access System Restore

System Restore can be accessed from the System Tools program folder in Windows. See the How To Use System Restore section below for detailed steps.

If you can't access Windows normally, System Restore can also be started from Safe Mode in all versions of Windows. You can also start System Restore from the Command Prompt.

You can even run System Restore from outside Windows completely via Advanced Startup Options in Windows 8, or System Recovery Options in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

How To Use System Restore

The System Restore utility is designed as a step-by-step wizard, making it really easy to choose a point in the past, called a restore point, to return your important files and settings to:

How To Use System Restore to Undo System Changes in Windows

You can read a much about restore points, including when they're created, what they contain, and more in my restore point definition.

System Restore Availability

System Restore is available from within Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows Me.

As mentioned above, System Restore is also available from the Advanced Startup Options or System Recovery Options menu, depending on the version of Windows, as well as from Safe Mode.

System Restore is not available in any Windows Server operating systems.

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