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Private IP Address


Definition: A private IP address is any IP address that falls within three IP address ranges reserved for private network use: to to to

Devices with private IP addresses can communicate with other hardware within the same network that also have private IP addresses but not directly with devices with public IP addresses. A router is required for private and public networks to exchange information.

Any IP address inside of a home or business network, like the IP address assigned to one of your personal computers, is a private IP address, not a public IP address.

The IP address that your home or business router receives from your ISP is a public IP address, as are the IP addresses of other devices on the Internet like the servers that host websites.

Note: Another range of private IP addresses is to but is for Automatic Private IP Addressing use only.

Also Known As: local IP address

Examples: "My router's private IP address is and my two computers have private IP addresses assigned and"

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