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Definition: A POST code is a hexadecimal code generated during the Power On Self Test. POST codes can be viewed using a POST test card.

POST codes correspond directly to tests that are taking place by the POST. When a POST test card stops at a specific POST code during the boot process, that specific code can be referenced to a list of possible POST codes generated by your specific BIOS and can help determine what the problem is.

Important: A POST code is not the same as a system error code, a STOP code, a Device Manager error code, or an HTTP status code (sometimes referred to as a browser error code or an Internet error code).

Some POST codes share code numbers with one or more of these other types of error codes but they are different errors with completely different meanings.

Also Known As: Power On Self Test Code, test-point error code
"When testing my computer with a POST card, the POST code 31 displayed meaning that my video card had an issue. I replaced my video card to solve the problem."

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