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More (Recovery Console)


What is the More Command?:

The more command is a Recovery Console command used to display the contents of a text file on your computer screen.

The more command can be used interchangeably with the type command.

A more command is also available from the Command Prompt.

More Command Syntax:

more [drive:][path] filename

drive = This is the drive letter that contains the filename.

path = This is the folder or folder path that contains the filename.

filename = This is the name of the text file that you want to display the contents of on screen.

More Command Examples:

more kb885835.log

In the above example, typing the more command followed by the kb885835.log file name will show the contents of the file on screen.

Since I didn't give any drive: or path information, the more command will display the contents of the kb885835.log file that's contained in the folder that I happen to be in.

more c:\windows\system32\spupdwxp.old

In this example, the more command is used to show the contents of the spupdwxp.old file located in the c:\windows\system32 folder.

More Command Availability:

The more command is available from within the Recovery Console in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

More Related Commands:

The more command is often used with many other Recovery Console commands.

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