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Beep Code


Definition: A beep code is an audible "code" generated during the Power On Self Test when the BIOS encounters an issue but hasn't booted far enough to display a POST error message on the monitor.

Every major BIOS manufacturer has a unique set of beep codes that can be generated during their POSTs. See How To Troubleshoot Beep Codes for more information.

Important: Computer systems without an internal speaker will not be capable of producing a beep code. POST errors that don't display on screen will have to be diagnosed with a POST test card.

Note: With many motherboards, the BIOS produces a single, short beep code as an "all systems clear" notification. This single beep code isn't an issue that needs troubleshooting.

Also Known As: BIOS beep code
"One day I turned on my PC and it started beeping at me! After a bit of research, I found out that the long beep that I heard meant that my memory was damaged."

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