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Software Tools

Lists, tutorials, and reviews of software testing programs, fix-it tools, and more.
  1. Data Wipe Software (21)
  2. Defragmentation Software (8)
  3. File Converter Software (13)
  4. File Recovery Software (6)
  5. Hardware Testing Software (12)
  6. Online Backup & Backup Software (54)
  7. Password Recovery and Reset Software (16)
  8. Product Key Finder Software (24)
  9. Registry Cleaner Software (3)
  10. Remote Access Software (10)
  11. System Information Software (11)
  12. System Monitoring Software (13)

How To Verify File Integrity in Windows with FCIV
Instructions on using Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier to produce an MD5 or SHA-1 hash value.

How To Download and Install File Checksum Integrity Verifier
Instructions on downloading, extracting, and placing FCIV in the correct folder in Windows.

Free Password Managers
Free Windows password manager software, free smartphone password managers, and free password manager online services.

How Fast Is Your Internet?
Test your Internet speed and then leave your results here for comparison.

Internet Speed Test Sites
Updated list of Internet speed test sites, useful for testing your available bandwidth.

How To Create an ISO Image File From a Disc
A tutorial on creating an ISO image file from a CD, DVD, or BD disc.

Premium Backup Software
A list of the best premium (pay) backup software programs for Windows, along with my review of each.

My review of Speedtest.net, an Internet speed test site.

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