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How To Find the Microsoft Office 97 Product Key Code


If you're preparing to reinstall Microsoft Office 97 you will need to locate your copy of the Microsoft Office 97 product key - also known as the CD key.

Normally this product key is on a sticker attached to the inside of your Office 97 CD case or located with the Office 97 manual.

If you've lost your product key, don't worry. It's located in the registry but it's encrypted, making finding it difficult without help from some very handy (and free) software programs.

Follow the steps below to locate your Microsoft Office 97 product key code.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Finding your Microsoft Office 97 product key usually takes less than 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Manually locating the Microsoft Office 97 product key from the registry is nearly impossible due to the fact that it's encrypted. Luckily, a number of free programs exist to help find product keys.

  2. Choose a free product key finder program that supports Microsoft Office 97.

    Note: Any product key finder that locates Microsoft Office 97 product keys will locate the product keys for any edition you may have including Microsoft Office 97 Professional, Small Business (Versions 1 and 2), and Standard.

  3. Download and run the key finder program. Follow any instructions provided by the software.

  4. The numbers and letters displayed by the program represent the Microsoft Office 97 product key. The product key should be formatted like xxx-xxxxxxx - one set of three numbers and one set of seven numbers.

  5. Write this key code down exactly as the key finder program displays it to you for use when reinstalling Microsoft Office 97.

    Note: If even one number is written down incorrectly, the installation of Microsoft Office 97 that you attempt with this product key will fail. Be sure to transcribe the product key exactly like its shown in the key finder program.

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