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Will a Windows XP Pro Keygen Program Find My XP Professional Product Key?


Question: Will a Windows XP Pro Keygen Program Find My XP Professional Product Key?

A Windows XP Pro keygen, a program that generates unique product keys for Windows XP Professional installations, can be incredibly useful if you're looking for a CD key to install XP Pro.

All of Microsoft's operating systems require valid product keys to be entered during installation. Having a keygen program that creates CD keys could save you lots of money, especially if you've already paid for Windows XP Pro but have just lost the installation key.

Answer: A Windows XP Pro keygen may create a product key that Windows XP Professional sees as valid but it will not find your legal Windows product key.

Product keys created by Windows XP Pro keygens are NOT legal product keys. The only legal way to obtain a product key for Windows XP Professional is by purchasing the operating system yourself or by contacting Microsoft directly to obtain a replacement key.

Windows XP Pro keygen programs go by several different names including product key generators, serial number keygens, CD key makers, license key generators, CD key creators, and CD key extractors. Whatever the name, all Windows XP Pro keygens create free, unique product keys for use when installing Windows XP Professional.

No matter what Windows XP Pro keygen you use or where you download it from, using a product key other than the unique one that comes with an individual, legally purchased copy of Microsoft Windows XP Professional is illegal. Using a product key not issued by Microsoft is a violation of the agreement you make when you use Windows XP.

Requiring a valid, unique product key is one way that Microsoft ensures that each copy of their operating system is used only once and that each customer is paying for each copy of Windows XP Professional they have installed.

If you have a legal copy of Windows XP Pro but you've just lost your product key, try a free product key finder program to locate the key from your currently installed copy of Windows. This is a perfectly legal way of obtaining a Windows XP Pro product key because it's the same one you purchased when you first installed the program.

Note: If you need specific instructions on finding your Windows XP Pro key with a product key finder, see my How to Find the Windows XP Product Key Code guide.

I obviously can't provide you with links to the various Windows XP Pro keygen programs available today since the product keys they create are not legal. If you can't retrieve your Windows XP Pro installation key with a product key finder program, then my only recommendation is to legally purchase a new copy of Windows XP Professional.

Find the cheapest copy of Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

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