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How To Install Windows XP

Easy Walk-Throughs on the Ways to Install Windows XP


These simple, step-by-step guides will show you exactly how to install Windows XP. Yes, I promise, you can do it!

And while it might be difficult and time consuming to install Windows XP, choosing the right way to install Windows XP is the first and sometimes hardest step of all.

Get help deciding which way to install Windows XP for your situation:

Note: These guides work equally well explaining all the details necessary for installing either Windows XP Pro or Windows XP Home.

Windows XP Clean Install

Windows XP Clean Install

Sometimes, after lots (and lots) of troubleshooting, you find it impossible to avoid a format-and-reinstall of Windows XP - in other words, a Windows XP clean install.

If it's not already obvious, a Windows XP clean install removes everything from the drive that Windows XP is installed on so clean installs require that you backup anything you want to keep, assuming of course that's possible.

A Windows XP clean install is time consuming, frustrating, and... the drastic solution to pretty much any Windows-caused problem under the sun.

Windows XP New Install

Windows XP New Install

A Windows XP installation on a new, or at least empty, hard drive is called a new install.

A new install is a lot like a clean install, but that whole erase-everything-you-had part isn't necessary.

Windows XP Repair Install

Windows XP Repair Install

Repairing a Windows XP install is most valuable when you need to keep your programs and data in tact, but need to restore the Windows XP system files to their original state.

A Windows XP repair install is often an easy fix for startup and other hard to troubleshoot issues in Windows XP. It's best to install Windows XP this way before you resort to a clean install.

Windows XP Parallel Install

A much less common way to install Windows XP is called a "parallel install." A Windows XP parallel install puts a second, independent copy of Windows XP on your computer.

To be clear, after a parallel install, you will have two separate and basically unrelated copies of Windows XP on your PC.

A Windows XP parallel install is usually created by accident after making certain mistakes during a clean install but there are some kinds of Windows XP issues where creating a parallel install might be helpful as a troubleshooting step.

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