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A Tour Inside Your PC


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External Peripherals
Motherboard Peripheral Connections

Motherboard Peripheral Connections

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Most external peripherals connect to the motherboard connectors that extend from the rear of the case.

  • PS/2 Ports: Standard keyboards and mice often connect to the computer via the PS/2 ports.
  • Serial & Parallel Ports: The serial port and parallel port allow connections to printers and other external devices.
  • USB Ports: Devices like digital cameras, scanners and printers often connect to the motherboard via the USB ports.
  • LAN Port: The LAN port is used to connect the PC to a local network or to high speed Internet services.
  • VGA & Audio Ports: On this particular motherboard, the VGA port provides access to integrated video while the line-out, microphone and line-in ports provide access to integrated audio meaning there is no need for video cards or sound cards.
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