1. Technology

Hardware Testing Software

Tutorials and reviews of software designed to test computer hardware.

My review of MemTest86, a free memory testing (RAM test) software program.

Windows Memory Diagnostic
My review of Windows Memory Diagnostic, a free memory testing (RAM test) software program.

Seagate SeaTools
Seagate's hard drive testing programs, SeaTools for DOS and SeaTools for Windows, are both great, though one is better for certain hard drive problems. Here's more on both of their tools.

Free Memory Test Software Tools
A list of free memory (RAM) testing programs.

Premium Hard Drive Testing Programs
A list of "premium" (paid) hard drive testing tools

How To Test Your Hard Drive for Problems
You can test your hard drive for problems using free software or a paid program.

Free Hard Drive Testing Programs
A list of freely available programs you can use to test your hard drive for problems.

Commercial Hard Drive Diagnostic Tools
A list of my favorite commercial tools designed to test hard drives for issues.

How To Scan Your Hard Drive Using Error Checking
An easy way to check for hard drive problems in Windows, and sometimes even repair minor ones, is to run Error Checking. Here's how to do it.

HDDScan Review
HDDScan does what you can probably infer from its name. With it, you can figure out what, if anything, is wrong with your hard drive. It works from within Windows and so has a few limitations. The flipside of that is that it's super easy to use.

DiskCheckup Review
DiskCheckup is a combination hard drive tester and hard drive health monitor. With it, you can both check on a hard drive's health right now, as well as have a working on continually monitored to help avoid future problems.

GSmartControl Review
GSmartControl can run a variety of tests on a connected hard drive and show all sorts of SMART attributes, which are helpful for estimating how long a drive might last. Windows, Linux, and Mac are all supported.

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