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How To Find Hardware Tech Support Information


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Nearly every hardware manufacturer provides online technical support of some kind for their products. You'll need to find a hardware company's technical support information if you plan on downloading drivers from them, calling them for telephone support, downloading a manual, or researching a problem with their hardware.

Important: If you need technical support for a device but you're not sure who made it, you'll need to identify the hardware before following these instructions.

Follow these easy steps to find your hardware manufacturer's technical support information online:

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Finding tech support information for your hardware usually takes less than 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Browse my directory of hardware manufacturer support sites.

    This is a growing and constantly updated list of technical support contact information for every hardware manufacturer that I can find a record of.

  2. If you weren't able to find the technical support information you were looking for in my company directory, searching for the manufacturer from a major search engine like Google or Yahoo! is your next best option.

    For example, let's say you were looking for technical support information for the hardware company AOpen. Some great search terms to find support information for AOpen might be "aopen support", "aopen drivers", or "aopen technical support".

    If you do find technical support information for a company via a search engine, please let me know what you find so I can update my list from Step 1 above.

  3. At this point, if you haven't found a hardware manufacturer's technical support website after searching through my list and pages of search engine results, you're probably not going to find it. It may be that the company is out of business or doesn't provide support online.

    If you're looking for a telephone number, email address, or other direct technical support information, you're probably out of luck.

    If you're looking to download drivers for this hardware, you may still be able to locate them. See my list of driver download sources for some alternative ideas if you can't find the manufacturer website.

  4. Finally, I always recommend that you seek out support elsewhere on the Internet, even if it's not direct from the company that made your hardware.

    See Get More Help for information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech support forums, and more.

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