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Where Can I Get Free Driver Downloads?


Question: Where Can I Get Free Driver Downloads?

Need free drivers for your hardware but not sure where to look? There are plenty of websites selling programs and services that download drivers for you but obviously drivers for free is a better deal.

Free driver downloads are certainly available but where do you find them?

Answer: You can always download drivers for free from your hardware manufacturer's website.

Don't let the many driver download programs and websites fool you with costly software programs and subscription fees. You can download any driver for free that you could possibly want direct from your computer or hardware manufacturer's website:

How To Find and Download Drivers From Manufacturer Websites

Free drivers is the norm, not the other way around. Charging for driver downloads is a scheme that no one should fall victim to.

Your hardware manufacturer provides free drivers on their website. You simply download them and then update the driver on your computer.

In the rare situation that you can't find drivers for you hardware at your hardware manufacturer's website, there are several other driver download sources available. This might happen if the company is out of business or you're looking for a driver for a very old piece of hardware. No matter the reason, you shouldn't have to pay for it.

Many of these driver download programs also help you install the driver on your computer, convincing you on their website that the process is difficult or needs to be done on a very regular basis. These selling points are simply not true.

Updating a driver is a very easy task that anyone can do. See my How To Update Drivers in Windows guide for help.

You also don't need to update your drivers on a regular basis. If you're not experiencing issues with your hardware and you're not looking for additional features then you don't need to update your drivers at all.

So remember, all drivers are free! You should be able to download nearly any driver direct from the driver's source - the manufacturer - without incurring any cost whatsoever.

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