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How Do I Find a Driver's Version Number in Windows?


Question: How Do I Find a Driver's Version Number in Windows?

Looking for the version number of a driver you have installed? It can be very useful to know, especially when you're about to update a driver or if you're troubleshooting certain kinds of hardware problems.

Luckily, finding a driver's version number is pretty easy, even if you've never worked with drivers or hardware in Windows before.

Answer: You can find an installed driver's version number from within Device Manager, along with other published information about the driver.

The steps involved in finding a driver's version number in Windows differs somewhat depending on which operating system you're using:

Note: Comparing driver versions, as in between a new one available online verses the one you have installed, is only valuable if both drivers are from the same manufacturer or developer. The Driver Provider field provides this information in Device Manager (and is fully explained in the operating specific how-to's linked above).

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