1. Computing

Computer Part Profiles

Each part of the computer has an important role to play in the complete computer system. Knowing what each component does individually and the part it plays in the computer system is important when undertaking any kind of repair or upgrade.

All about the UPS, also known as an Uninterruptible Power Supplies or a battery backup.

All about computer cases, the housing for the internal computer hardware.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)
All about the CPU, the hardware in a computer that executes the commands from the operating system and other software.

Floppy Drive
All about the floppy drive, the obsolete computer hardware that reads and writes information on floppy diskettes.

Hard Disk Drive
All about a computer hard disk drive, the hardware that stores your files and programs.

All about the computer keyboard, the device used to enter text into a computer.

All about the computer monitor, the hardware that produces the images created by the computer and outputted by the video card.

All about a computer motherboard, the central piece of hardware that connects in some way to every other device.

All about the computer mouse, one of the major input devices used on a computers.

Optical Disc Drive
All about optical drives (like a DVD drive), the computer hardware that reads and writes information with lasers.

Power Supply Unit
All about the power supply unit, the device in a desktop computer that supplies power to the internal hardware.

Random Access Memory (RAM)
All about RAM, the hardware that stores data that's being used by the CPU.

All about routers, the network hardware that exchanges data between local networks and the Internet.

Sound Card
All about sound cards, the computer hardware that creates audible sound.

All about switches, the network hardware that exchanges data between devices on a network.

Video Card
All about the video card, the computer hardware device that sends graphical information to a monitor.

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