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Windows 8 Command Prompt Commands

A Complete List of CMD Commands in Windows 8



The icacls command is used to display or change access control lists of files. The icacls command is an updated version of the cacls command.


The if command is used to perform conditional functions in a batch file.


The ipconfig command is used to display detailed IP information for each network adapter utilizing TCP/IP. The ipconfig command can also be used to release and renew IP addresses on systems configured to receive them via a DHCP server.


The irftp command is used to transmit files over an infrared link.


The iscsicli command starts the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator, used to manage iSCSI.


The kb16 command is used to support MS-DOS files that need to configure a keyboard for a specific language.

The kb16 command is not available in 64-bit versions of Windows 8.


The klist command is used to list Kerberos service tickets. The klist command can also be used to purge Kerberos tickets.


The ksetup command is used to configure connections to a Kerberos server.

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There are so many Command Prompt commands in Windows 8 that I can't put them all in this one list

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