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How Do I Uninstall or Remove Internet Explorer From Windows XP?


Question: How Do I Uninstall or Remove Internet Explorer From Windows XP?

There are all kinds of reasons to want to remove Internet Explorer from your Windows XP PC. Alternative browsers are sometimes faster, provide better security and contain great features that Internet Explorer users only dream of.

Answer: Unfortunately, there is no safe method to remove Internet Explorer from Windows XP.

Internet Explorer is more than just a browser. It works as an underlying technology behind a number of internal Windows XP processes including updating, basic Windows functionality and more.

There are methods outlined on some other websites that appear to completely uninstall Internet Explorer and provide workarounds for the problems that removing it causes, but I don't recommend them. In my experience, removing IE causes too many problems to be worth it, even with the workarounds.

Even though removing Internet Explorer isn't a wise option, you most certainly can safely disable Internet Explorer and use your alternative browser as the one and only way to access the Internet on your Windows XP PC.

Here are two excellent ways to disable Internet Explorer in Windows XP:

Both of these methods accomplish the same thing and give you nearly all the benefits that removing Internet Explorer would give you but without the very real possibility of creating serious system problems in Windows XP.

It is also perfectly acceptable to run two browsers simultaneously on a single PC. One browser must be designated as the default browser but both are free to access the Internet.

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