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How Do I Delete Cookies?


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Question: How Do I Delete Cookies?

Cookies are tiny files stored on your hard drive by your browser that contain information about your visit to a particular website, like logon status, personalization and advertising preferences, etc.

Most of the time, cookies make browsing much more enjoyable by keeping you logged in to a site you visit frequently or remembering the several questions you've already answered at your favorite polling site.

Sometimes, however, a cookie may remember something you'd rather it didn't, or even become corrupted, resulting in a browsing experience that's less than enjoyable. This is when deleting cookies may be a good idea.

You might also want to delete cookies if you're experiencing issues like 500 Internal Server or 502 Bad Gateway errors (among others) which are sometimes indications that the one or more cookies for a particular site are corrupted and should be removed.

Whether for computer issue, privacy, or another reason, clearing cookies is a pretty simple task in any popular browser.

Answer: You can usually delete cookies from the Privacy or History area, available from the Settings or Options menu in the browser.

The steps involved in deleting cookies differ considerably depending on what web browser we're talking about. Here are some browser-specific cookie clearing tutorials:

Note: Most browsers will also let you find and delete cookies from individual websites. Since few issues require that you delete all of the cookies stored by the browser, locating and removing specific cookies is often smarter. This allows you to retain customizations and stay logged in to your favorite, non-offending websites.

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