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Windows Registry (What It Is and How To Use It) - PC Support
The Windows Registry, usually referred to as "the registry," is a collection of databases of configuration settings in Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Confirm the Windows Registry Path (Step 8 of 18) - PC Support
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor now needs to know the exact location of the Windows Registry. Except in the rarest of occasions, the default location will ...
How To Open Registry Editor (Windows 8, 7, Vista, & XP) - PC Support
Easy instructions on how to open Registry Editor, the program included in Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP that's used to make changes to the registry.
How To Backup the Registry in Windows 7 - PC Support - About.com
Backing up the registry before making changes to it should always be step one. Follow these easy steps to backup the entire registry in Windows 7.
How To Delete Registry Keys in Windows 7 [Easy, 5 Min] - PC Support
You may need to delete registry keys to fix a problem or complete a registry hack. Remove registry keys from the Windows 7 Registry with these easy steps.
How to Find Your Email Settings in Windows' Registry - About.com
Locate your Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express key in the Windows registry to tweak (and destroy) your settings, and to back up (and restore) ...
How To Backup the Registry in Windows Vista
Easy to follow guide on backing up the entire Windows Vista registry. You should always backup the Vista registry before working with it in any way.
How To Restore the Registry in Windows 7 - PC Support - About.com
Easy instructions on how to restore the registry in Windows 7. You'll need a previously created registry backup file before you can complete a restore.
How To Backup the Registry in Windows XP - PC Support - About.com
An easy to follow tutorial on backing up the entire registry in Windows XP, often times a better solution than backing up only the keys you're working with.
Registry Key Definition - PC Support - About.com
A registry key is like a folder in the Windows Registry. A registry key can contain both values and additional registry keys.
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