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How To Clean Install Windows XP [Complete Walkthrough]
If you can't locate it, there is a fairly easy way to find the Windows XP product key code from your existing installation, but this must be done before you reinstall.
How Do I Reinstall Windows XP Without Reformatting? - PC Support
It's not always possible to reformat your hard drive prior to reinstalling Windows XP. Here are instructions on reinstalling XP without a format.
How To Install Windows XP - PC Support - About.com
Sometimes, after lots (and lots) of troubleshooting, you find it impossible to avoid a format-and-reinstall of Windows XP - in other words, a Windows XP clean ...
Repair Windows XP by Performing a Repair Install - PC Support
Repairing a Windows XP installation is valuable when you need to keep your programs and data in tact but need to restore the Windows XP system files to their ...
How To Perform a New Installation of Windows XP - PC Support
If you're planning on installing Windows XP on a new, empty hard drive then this step by step guide is for you. This guide is broken into three, 10-step parts and ...
Pres ESC To Install a Fresh Copy of Windows XP (Step 6 of 34)
Even though you may be repairing an issue with your computer, do not choose to repair the selected Windows XP installation. In this tutorial, we are installing a ...
How To Properly Reinstall a Program in Windows XP - PC Support
Here's how to properly reinstall a software program in Windows XP. Often times, simply reinstalling a program can fix certain kinds of issues.
How To Use System Restore in Windows XP [15 Minutes] - PC Support
Detailed instructions on using System Restore in Windows XP to undo changes to important parts of XP like drivers, the registry, and more.
How To Clean Install Windows 7 [Complete Walkthrough] - PC Support
A clean install of Windows 7 is often the best way to reinstall Windows 7. ... install of Windows 7 means to remove an existing operating system (Windows XP, ...
How To Clean Install Windows 8 or 8.1 [Walkthrough] - PC Support
A Windows 8 clean install involves removing the existing operating system installed on a partition (a previous Windows 8 installation, Windows XP, Linux, ...
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