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Important Computer Repair Safety Tips - PC Support - About.com
Take careful note of these important computer repair safety tips before you start working inside your computer.
Take a Tour Inside Your PC - PC Support - About.com
Understanding how the many parts of a computer connect to each other inside your PC begins with the case, which physically houses most of the components.
Fix Common Problems With Your Computer - PC Support - About.com
Working inside your computer is much easier than you may believe, especially when you have a little help. These resources will help you get in and out of your ...
How To Fix a Computer That Won't Turn On - PC Support - About.com
You'll probably hear the fans inside your computer turn on, see some or all of the ... the most common in my experience working with computers that won't start.
How To Fix Stopping, Freezing, and Reboot Issues ... - PC Support
If you turn on your computer but it promptly hangs, give this a try. ... If you don't fix the problem by working through the specific error during the POST, you ... Reseating will reestablish the cable, card, and other connections inside your comp...
How to Check for Causes of Electrical Shorts in a Computer
The computer should always be unplugged when working inside the case. ... sound, a screw may have come loose and is rolling around inside your case. A few ...
How To Fix a Computer That Turns On But Displays Nothing
It's very possible that your computer is working fine and your monitor is your ... Reseating will reestablish the various connections inside your computer and is ...
Personal Computer Tool Kit - PC Reviews - About.com
First, it will make it much easier to work inside of the case. ... By putting your hand inside the bag before touching the compound for spreading, you keep the ...
How To Fix a Computer That Won't Start in Safe Mode - PC Support
Here's what to do if your computer won't start in Safe Mode but instead boots to Startup ... This may not work, however, depending on what's causing your overall ... Reseating will reestablish the various connections inside your computer and ....
How To Fix a Computer That Turns On and Then Off - PC Support
Check for causes of electrical shorts inside your computer. ... on for a few moments doesn't mean that the power supply unit in your computer is working properly.
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