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FQDN Definition (Fully Qualified Domain Name) - PC Support
A fully qualified domain name, most often seen shortened to FQDN, is written with the host name and the domain name, including the top-level domain.
Netstat Command (Examples, Options, Switches, & More)
In this first example, I execute netstat to show all active TCP connections. However, I do want to see the computers I'm connected to in FQDN format [-f] instead of ...
hostname - Linux Command - Unix Command
dnsdomainname will print the domain part of the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name). The complete FQDN of the system is returned with hostname --fqdn.
Linux Network Administrators Guide - Setting the Hostname
These are their official fully qualified domain names (FQDNs). Their local hostnames would be the first component of the name, such as vale . However, as the ...
dhclient.conf - Linux Command - Unix Command
The fqdn.fqdn option MUST be a fully-qualified domain name. You MUST define a zone statement for the zone to be updated. The fqdn.encoded option may ...
dhcp-options - Linux Command - Unix Command
The Client FQDN option, currently defined in the Internet Draft draft-ietf-dhc-fqdn- option-00.txt is not a standard yet, but is in sufficiently wide use already that we ...
Getting the Domain From a Hostname - Ruby - About.com
The question was asked: "Given a hostname, how do I get the domain?" There are a few simple solutions to this, but they're all wrong.
Changing Your Lion Server's Hostname - Mac - About.com
Your Lion Server's hostname should be something memorable, as well as short. This guide will take you though the process of changing the hostname of your ...
netstat - Linux Command - Unix Command
Unless the --numeric (-n) option is specified, the socket address is resolved to its canonical host name (FQDN), and the port number is translated into the ...
syslogd - Linux Command - Unix Command
If the remote host is located in the same domain as the host, syslogd is running on, only the simple hostname will be logged instead of the whole fqdn. In a local  ...
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