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How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Website
It depends upon your domain name registrar, but in general domain names can be anywhere from 26 to 67 characters long. But just because you can, doesn't ...
What Is a 'Domain Name'? - Internet for Beginners - About.com
Web addressing can be so confusing. There are domain names vs. ip addresses vs. URL's, and no one has explained them to you. Don't fear, friends, ...
Tips on Selecting a Domain Name - Entrepreneurs - About.com
Choose a domain name for your business AND for your product. Yes, that's right. Multiple domain names. For example, if your business is ABC Corporation and ...
Choosing a Domain Name – How to Choose a Website Domain Name
Choosing a domain name for you or a client can be a long and tedious process. With so many names no longer available, creating a new one or finding the right  ...
Domain Names - How to Register a Domain Name
To take your business online, you need a domain name. Here's how to choose, register, host and renew your domain name in a timely and effective fashion.
Choosing a Good Real Estate Domain Name - Real Estate Business
Though it can be one of the names that point to your site, it shouldn't be the primary. ... Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name.
Find Domain Names - Graphic Design - About.com
This process is even more difficult for a business needing a website because it is tied to what domain names are available. Fortunately, there are online tools ...
How To Buy a Great (Cheap) Domain Name - Online Business/Hosting
There are lots of places to buy cheap domain names. This doesn't make it easier. Buying a cheap domain name can be confusing. These six tips will help you ...
Choosing a Domain Name for Your Home Business Website
Domain names provide the identity of a website. Choosing a domain name for your site can be difficult. You will want to choose something memorable, ...
How to Get a Free Domain Name - Free Domain Names
When you're building a website, one of the expenses you'll need to cover is a domain name. It is possible to get the domain registration for free in a few ...
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