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What is a Device Driver? (Computer Driver Definition) - PC Support
A driver is software, provided by a hardware maker, that tells the computer's operating system exactly how to work with that hardware. Here's more...
How To Update Drivers in Windows 7 [Easy, 15 to 20 Min]
Updating drivers in Windows 7 is necessary when a hardware device doesn't install automatically, when the hardware is having some kind of problem, or as part ...
Choose to Pick From a List of Device Drivers on Your Computer ...
On the next screen where you're told to Browse for driver software on your computer, instead click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer at ...
How Do I Update Drivers in Windows? - PC Support - About.com
Links to detailed instructions on how to update drivers in Windows, specific to ... Updating a hardware device's driver is usually the first troubleshooting step to ...
Driver & Device Manager How-To's, Tutorials, and Walkthroughs
Tons of how-to's and tutorials for tasks in Device Manager like updating drivers, rolling back drivers, and much more.
How Do I Roll Back a Driver in Windows? - PC Support - About.com
To roll back a driver in Windows means to return the driver to the version that was last installed for the device. Rolling back a driver is an easy way to return a ...
How To Update Drivers in Windows Vista - PC Support - About.com
Learn how to update drivers in Windows Vista with this tutorial. Updating drivers is a good troubleshooting step when a hardware device isn't working.
How To Update Drivers in Windows XP [Easy, 15-20 Min] - PC Support
Updating a driver is a common solution to lots of Windows hardware problems, especially Device Manager error code. Updating the drivers for a piece of ...
How To Fix Error Code 39 (Windows cannot load the device driver ...
How to fix the Code 39 error in Device Manager. Code 39 errors are usually caused by missing drivers or certain registry issues.
How To Roll Back a Driver in Windows 7 - PC Support - About.com
The Driver Roll Back feature, available within Device Manager in Windows 7, is used to uninstall the current driver for a hardware device and then automatically ...
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