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Intel Chipset Drivers v9.4.0.1027

Details & Download Information on Intel's Latest Chipset Drivers


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Intel released version of their Chipset Device Software on September 2, 2013. This is the latest version of these drivers and should work with most newer Intel-based motherboards.

Note: Intel's INF updates are not drivers in the most technical sense, but are instead updates to important files that tell Windows how to use Intel integrated hardware. However, I usually still refer to them as drivers.

See What Version of This Driver Do I Have Installed? if you're not sure which Intel Chipset driver version you have installed.

Changes in Intel Chipset Drivers v9.4.0.1024

This update adds support for about a half dozen new devices.

Tip: If you're not experiencing any issues with your hardware then this update probably isn't necessary, though I've rarely seen Intel chipset driver updates cause any problems.

Download Intel Chipset Drivers v9.4.0.1024

The latest Intel chipset drivers can always be downloaded directly from Intel:

Download Intel Chipset Device Software v9.4.0.1027

This updated Intel chipset driver works for both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8 (including Windows 8.1), Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 200.

These drivers work only with the following Intel chipsets:

  • Intel 3 Series Chipsets
  • Intel 4 Series Chipsets
  • Intel 5 Series Chipsets
  • Intel 6 Series Express Chipsets
  • Intel 7 Series Express Chipset
  • Intel 8 Series Chipsets
  • 2nd Generation Intel Core Chipsets
  • 3rd Generation Intel Core Chipsets
  • 4th Generation Intel Core Chipsets
  • Intel 800 Series Chipsets
  • Intel 900 Series Chipsets
  • Intel Xeon 3400 Series Chipsets
  • Intel Xeon 5500/3500 Series Chipsets
  • Intel Server/Workstation Chipset

Important: If your Intel chipset isn't listed above, or you're not sure what motherboard you have (or if it's even an Intel motherboard or one with an Intel chipset), you can always perform any Intel related updates using their automatic Intel Driver Update Utility.

Intel Chipset Drivers for Discontinued Motherboards

Intel keeps an older version of their chipset drivers available for a long list of discontinued motherboards:

Download Intel Chipset Software v9.1.2.1008 (2010-09-29)

Support is only available up to Windows 7 for these boards.

Having Trouble With These New Intel Chipset Drivers?

If something breaks after installing these chipset drivers, your best first step is to uninstall and then reinstall them. You can do this from the appropriate applet in Control Panel.

If reinstalling the Intel chipset driver package doesn't work, try rolling back the driver, also something you can do from Control Panel. See How to Roll Back a Driver for instructions in all versions of Windows.

Finally, if you decide you need some more personal help, see Get More Help for information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech support forums, and more. Be sure to let me know what version of Intel's chipset drivers you're trying to install, your version of Windows, details on any errors you got, anything you've already done to fix the problem, etc.

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