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Prepare Your Computer for Hurricane Sandy

By October 29, 2012

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Broken EggI was right in the middle of a "disaster prep your PC" piece when Windows 8 came along and sucked all my time away, and now here we have a major hurricane ready to attack and it's not done.

So, for those of you that haven't already shut down your computers for the brunt of the storm, here are a few basic things to consider:


Assuming the worst, and your computer suffers some very ill fate during Sandy, be sure you've backed up whatever you can before you turn everything off.

If you back up locally (to disc, external hard drive, etc.), be sure you pack that very valuable device with you, alongside your other things you're taking with you or securely storing. (This is exactly the kind of situation that makes an online backup service such a fantastic idea.)

If your computer is small enough to just take with you, like a tablet or notebook, don't forget to do so.

Turn Off, and UNPLUG!

Most people think about turning off their computer when there might be power surges or outages, but too many forget that unplugging their computer from the wall (yes, even your tablet, laptop, or netbook) is the only real way to prevent a power problem.

Even if you have a battery backup, I recommend unplugging everything, even it.

More Information

Of course you have a lot of other property (and life!) to be concerned about, so please check out How to Prepare for a Hurricane from FEMA. Hopefully, if you're in Sandy's path, you've memorized that information already.

Be careful out there!

Post-Sandy PC Help

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